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This is my first time doing an enema. Which bucket do you recommend I buy?

   If you plan to do water enemas only, we recommend our 2.2 quart Best Seller kit, model 1001.  This is a simple basic kit that is safe, non-toxic and easy use. It comes with everything you need to do a basic enema. Just enter the model number in the search bar and the kit and description will pop up.

   If you are planning to do a coffee enema, we recommend our 2.2 quart kit,model PCE-1. This is a great kit for the novice on a budget. It is our basic kit and includes a 1/2 lb of coffee and a little enema booklet.

   Now, if you want the very best of the best, we highly recommend our Coffee Enema Starter Kit. It is 304 grade stainless steel and is Made in the USA.  It comes with 1 full pound of PureLife Enema Coffee,  medical grade silicone tubing, a double fine mesh stainless steel strainer,  and a little coffee enema booklet. This Made in the USA stainless steel bucket is also sold without accessories.


What's the difference between the PVC tubing and the Silicone tubing?

   They are both fine choices. The PVC tubing is a very clear see through tube. It is  also food grade safe, Bp and Latex free and Made in the USA.  It's less expensive than Silicone tubing. However, it cannot be boiled for sterilization and a check valve will not fit on this tubing. If you are on a budget, the PVC tubing will do the job fine.

Our Premium Silicone Tubing is translucent.  It is 100 % medical grade, non-toxic, Bp and Latex free. Medical grade means that this tubing can withstand higher temperatures, and will not break down when exposed to coffee elements. Another benefit is that it can be boiled for 3 seconds for re-sterilization. This is a good choice for those with chemical sensitivities .  A check valve can be added as an accessory. Our silicone tubing is the best you can buy and is made in the United States of America.


What's the difference between Purelife Organic Enema Coffee and store-bought organic coffee?

   The difference is in the "cleanliness" of the coffee and potency.  Purelife also uses a high grade expensive Aribica bean, rather than cheap, lower grade "dirty" beans. PureLife Enema Coffee is a "clean and safe" air roasted coffee.  Air roasting is completely different from the traditional drum roasted coffee you find in the stores or online.  Drum roasting uses fire, which can burn the beans, leaving a toxic residue, and make them carcinogenic.  That is why you will see Proposition 65 warning signs at the coffee houses now.  

PureLife Enema Coffee is 100% non-carcinogenic! That is why we believe our our enema coffee is the cleaner and safest choice. 

Our coffee label has both a USDA Organic sticker and Oregon Tilth Certification sticker. This is very important. If you dont see these stickers on the coffee bags, then you may not be getting organic.  Our coffee is 2x certified and verified.

Our unique air roasting process also boosts up the caffeine and palmitic acid levels, which you need for a good liver detox.



What is the shelf-life of  Purelife Enema Coffee?

  Our coffee was tested at 8 months and found to contain 100% of its original cafestol and palmitic acid content, which is needed for a good liver detox. 


What's the difference between Purelife Medium ,Light, and Ultra Light Roast Coffee?

   We have 3 potency levels of coffee, because not everyone is the same.  The Light roast gives a more powerful detox than the medium roast. If you are a novice or beginning Gerson Therapy patient then you should choose the Medium roast coffee.  Next is the Light Roast, and Gerson Institute also recommends this for their patients.  The Ultra Light Gold Roast is the highest caffeine for detoxing power than the medium or light.  It is a stronger detox and so is not recommended for the elderly or frail, or caffeine sensitive.


Are water enemas safe?

  Yes,  if you are constipated.  If you have other colon issues, it is best to get the advise of your health care provider.

Will I need help taking the enema?

Enemas can be taken unassisted in the comfort of your home. If you are very ill and weak, you may need assistance.

How often can I take a water enema?

  If you have chronic constipation, you can take 1 enema daily. Otherwise use when needed.  This will help your bowel muscles to function better and you should be able to have natural bowel movements.   Never ignore the urge to go to the bathroom. Elimination is vital to health.

How much water should I use?

 The average person can take 1 quart of water or coffee enema inside the colon at a time.    Administer it slowly, and when you start to feel full inside, then do not allow any more liquid in. 

Never be forceful with the administration so you wont stretch out the colon.

Can other additives be used in the water?

Yes, but if you have an irritated colon it is best to only use water.  Coffee enemas are for detoxing the liver, so do not use coffee enemas only for colon cleansing.  Water is best for constipation.

If your colon is not irritated, then there are other herbal solutions you can add, and also acidopholous.

Should I take a probiotic or acidopholous after?

Acidopholous is very helpful to the colon, but it isnt a necessity after an enema.  Enemas will help clear out the bad bacteria and allow good bacteria to grow.

Do enemas upset the body's pH balance or flora?

Water enemas will not upset the PH balance.  Coffee enemas can imbalance the minerals and electrolytes, and so it is advised to juice green vegetables to re-balance.  Potassium 3 can be used by some people to help restore electrolyte balance.

What is Potassium Used for?

Potassium 3 is part of the Gerson Therapy. It is also used by anyone who 1) wants to remove salt from their tissues 2) Aids in restoring mineral and electrolyte balance 3) Added to coffee enema solution and helps reduce intestinal spasms. It is easier to hold the coffee enema in, and has a claming effect on the colon.


Will it hurt to insert the enema nozzle?

Using the small size PureLife Enema Nozzle,  that is lubricated, will make insertion easy.  The PureLife Rectal Colon Tube is also an option to use, as it is very thin. The colon tube comes with every kit.

Can the enema tip cause damage?

Yes it can if it is not inserted slowly .  The tissues around the rectum are delicate and so one must insert carefully.  If you cannot insert the enema tip easily, you can try using the 16" colon tube instead.

Do Fasting and Enemas go together?

Yes!  Fasting gives the colon a rest. Fasting gives your whole body a rest and a chance to repair itself.  Fasting with enemas increases the rest your colon and body will have. Enemas will help promote more toxins to be released while you are fasting.

Are enemas addicting ?

Chronic constipation will cause the bowel walls to thin and weaken the muscles of the bowel.
Large volume enemas will in fact help reestablish muscle tone and improve intestinal function.
It is a very natural way to exercise the bowel.

Never get psychologically dependent on enemas. Always use good dietary habits to help relieve constipation and have natural bowel movements.  

How do water enemas help with illness?

Most illnesses start in a clogged toxic colon.  Enemas clear the colon so that vital nutrients from your food will be able to be absorbed and used by the body. Nutrients are required for your system to work efficiently. Without nutrients, your cells and body will  starve.

How do enemas help with health?

Water enemas improve the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes. Coffee enemas take the burden off the liver, by removing toxins.

Do enema help relieve pain?

Yes.  Although coffee enemas are better at relieving pain, water enemas also help relieve pain anywhere in the body as the toxins are removed.

How will I feel after an enema?

You should feel refreshed and energised as the toxins and waste are removed, and the burden taken off the liver.

What other benefits are there with home enemas?

Colon cleansing with enemas will help you avoid costly medical bills.

Can I lose weight from taking enemas?

Yes.  By removing waste and toxins from the colon, you are helping other organs an your metabolism to function better.  When your metabolism is working at its optimum, then you will burn more calories.


FAQ’s About Coffee Enemas

  • The caffeine in coffee enters the liver through the portal system and causes an increase in bile flow.  The bile in turn makes the accumulated poisons and toxins to be released and evacuated from the body.
  • Coffee enemas are a powerful way to detoxify the body.
  • Coffee enemas are an excellent alternative to sedation or pain relievers.
  • Coffee enemas taken in an enema are unlike drinking coffee.  Drinking coffee causes digestive problems and negatively affects the liver.
  • Coffee enemas do not affect normal evacuation processes.
  • Coffee enemas are not given to improve elimination.
  • Coffee enemas are given to stimulate the release of toxins in the liver.
  • Coffee enemas are known to relieve depression and mental confusion
  • Coffee enemas are known to relieve back pain,  allergy symptoms, and arthritis.
  • Coffee enemas must be done along with juicing organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Coffee enemas can be taken without assistance at home.
  • Coffee enemas should be given using stainless steel enema buckets so acids wont leech chemicals that can occur with plastic enema bags.


FAQ’S About Enema Coffee

  • Store purchased coffee is not the same as enema therapy coffee
  • Enema therapy coffee must be a “clean” coffee since it will go into the liver
  • Enema therapy coffee should have a high enough cafestol content to open the bile ducts.
  • The cleanest coffee is a special “air roast” process.
  • Traditional drum roasting process cause beans to be burnt which are carcinogenic to the liver.
  • Fine grind enema coffee will retain 100% of its cafestol and palmitic acid content for at least 8 months and up to 2 years.
  • There is no difference in buying whole bean enema coffee or fine grind for enema use – both retain the same potency.  This statement is supported by research done at US Coffee Associationfor enema use – both retain the same potency.  This statement is supported by research done at US Coffee Association
  • The lighter the color of the coffee, the stronger the cafestol
  • Gerson Therapy recommends medium roast, fine grind, for their patients.
  • Enema coffee needs to be retained in the rectum for 15 minutes if possible for full effectiveness.
  • The lighter the roast, the more powerful the cleanse.


FAQ’s About Enema Equipment

  • The most recommended enema equipment is the stainless steel enema bucket, due to its non-toxicity and ability to be sterilized and cleaned.
  • Plastic enema bags can leech toxins into your enema water.
  • Most plastic enema bags are made in china and are not Bp free.
  • Stainless Steel enema buckets are Bp free
  • Medical grade silicone enema tubing is the highest grade and safest enema tubing you can buy.
  • Food Grade PVC enema tubing is also safe to use for enemas, but cannot be cleaned as easily.
  • PureLife medical grade silicone enema tubing can be sterilized in boiling water.
  • There are many different shaped enema nozzles to insert.   The basic nozzle is called a straight in enema nozzle.
  • A colon tube, or enema catheter, or rectal catheter is for reaching higher up in to the colon for a higher cleanse.