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Coffee Enema Kits


 Buy The Best Coffee Enema Kits


Purelife Enema Buckets Made In The USA Are A Much Higher Grade Stainless Steel.  

 When you buy a less expensive enema bucket from somewhere else, you are buying a cheaper bucket Made in the People's Republic of China or India.


Purelife Coffee Enema Kits Are Accepted By Gerson Institute!



Coffee Enema Kit Essentials



1)  You need a USA made stainless steel or glass enema bucket.  They are the easiest to clean compared to a silicone enema bag, which can also stain.  

2) You need medical grade silicone enema tubing, with a clamp.    5 feet of tubing is ample length.  

3) You need an enema nozzle.  Purelife Coffee Enema Kits come with a 3" silicone enema nozzle.

4) You need 1/2 lb or 1 lb of Purelife Enema Specific Coffee.  1/2 lb will yield approximately 12 enemas.   1 lb will be 24 enemas.

5)  You will need a special micro mesh stainless steel coffee strainer to strain the coffee while being poured into the bucket.



Underbody Sheeting or Enema Pad -  In case of leaking or spills during the enema. Or you can buy this wipeable sheet

Colon Tube-  Will enable you to go higher into the colon to deliver the coffee.  You may also prefer the silicone colon tube rather than the latex.



Purelife Health is the only company to offer 3 levels of caffeine potency. We offer Medium Roast, Light and Ultra Light Gold.  The strongest caffeine level is the Gold.  Remember, the lighter the roast color, the more caffeine will be in the coffee.  Caffeine detoxifies the liver.

Beginners will want to start with the Medium Roast.

The frail or elderly should not use Ultra Light Gold


With our 1 lb coffee enema kits listed below, you can choose an option of medium, light or gold roast for your kit.